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The latest home décor trends

Find the perfect balance between style and functionality when you undergo a home decoration project. These latest trends can be your guide as you update a room or design a new home to make the resulting look more coherent and stylish.

Artistic rugs

Rugs can add an extra dimension to a room, as well as create a warmer and more comfortable atmosphere. Their textures and prints cover an entire spectrum of choices – from short and simple wools to thick, shaggy numbers and from classic Moroccan prints to edgy geometric patterns.

Interesting wall designs

Wall designs could be as simple as floral wallpaper prints or intricately detailed murals. Wallpaper has timeless patterns that are sometimes modified to make the colors more saturated and proportions more dramatic. Murals, on the other hand, give homeowners the freedom to express their personal style. These add a sense of style to rooms and commonly serve as the focal point of walls. These statement wall designs are also a great way to impress guests when they walk in.

Bringing natural elements indoors

Today’s trend shies away from futuristic styles seen in the past years to cater to a more natural design. More homes now use natural materials like stone, wood, and copper to create a more serene atmosphere.

Some even bring tropical house plants into their homes to really get that natural vibe. Apart from adding a fresh pop of color in the space, house plants also purify the air.

The use of earthy and green tones such as burnt gold, terracotta, teals, and turquoise is also becoming more popular. These colors create a homey and down-to-earth feel throughout the space.

Elaborately designed ceilings

Most homeowners may think of redesigning their rooms, walls, or even their home exteriors. More often than not, they forget to look up at the ceiling and consider a design update.

There are many ways of decorating your ceiling. You can paint it, put wallpaper on it or install wooden panels. By changing your ceiling’s design, you can make the room feel larger and livelier, as well as give the whole space more coherence.

Vintage lighting

This latest lighting trend is influenced by French and Italian modern designs. Vintage lighting like pendants and sconces completely deviates from the Edison bulbs and exposed wiring that were popular in previous years.

This new trend embraces a more sophisticated style. Lighting becomes more sculptural and well-proportioned in form and is tinted with copper and brass finishes. These lights add elegance and function to any space.

Curved furniture and velvet furnishing

Velvet is back with a vengeance. Coupled with soft lines on curved furniture pieces, the effect is that of warm hospitality. Communal spaces like living rooms are sure to benefit from this design trend. For an understated look, try using rounded side tables or ottomans covered in or accentuated with velvet.

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