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The best restaurants to get out-of-the-ordinary food in Colorado

Colorado is home to a number of unique delicacies perfect for adventurous food trippers. Living in Castle Rock, CO gives you access to the best of what the state has to offer. Check out these places for out-of-the-ordinary food in the state:

The Fort
19192 Highway 8, Morrison

The Fort is an award-winning restaurant that offers guests the true “essence of Colorado.” Its menu contains two items you won’t encounter every day: sliced rocky mountain oysters and deep-fried bull testicles. True-blue Colorado residents love it; and you will, too.

For that burst of sweet. tangy flavor that hits your palate, The Fort’s rocky mountain oysters are sliced and breaded with seasoned panko and served with chili caper sauce.

The Buckhorn Exchange
1000 Osage Street, Denver

The Buckhorn Exchange has been a Colorado staple since 1893. Known for serving authentic Old West cuisine, it is said to be the oldest restaurant in Denver.

Their menu has two unique Colorado delicacies: rocky mountain oysters and smoked rattlesnake. The Exchange’s take on their oysters involves the use of their signature cocktail sauce and peppercorn-horseradish. The smoked rattlesnake, meanwhile, comes with chipotle cream cheese dip and chips. For these exotic culinary finds, it’s of no surprise that the restaurant has been featured on shows like Bizarre Food and Man vs. Food.

Other unusual meats in their menu like alligator, buffalo, and more.

Beau Jo’s Pizza
1517 Miner St, Idaho Springs

Honey is the main sweetener in almost every item on Beau Jo’s Pizza’s menu. This is the main source of the famous Colorado Mountain Style Pizza, a heavily-topped pizza made from dough with locally sourced honey in it. Even the tables in their restaurant have honey bottles – just in case you still need an extra dose of sweetness – as well as parmesan cheese and red pepper flakes for your pizza.

Beau Jo’s Idaho Springs branch has a seasonal menu that will put a smile on anyone’s face, be they meat lovers or vegans. They also have salad bars and beers on tap.

Ted’s Montana Grill
6105 South Main Street, Suite 101, Aurora

Bison meat may not be standard fare in most parts of the country, but it is a very popular delicacy in Colorado. For a new twist to the classic burger, try some of the delicious bison burgers at Ted’s Montana Grill.

The patties at Ted’s are made from all-natural bison meat that is grilled to perfection. Choose from an array of bison burgers from Ted’s bacon cheeseburger to the Avalon burger made with Gruyère cheese, blue cheese, bacon-caramelized onions, roasted garlic aioli, and baby arugula.

Their burgers also come with a side of fresh-cut fries. They offer gluten-free buns made by local bakeries as well.

Sunset Inn Bar & Grill
2808 Thatcher Ave, Pueblo

For Coloradans, green chili is a condiment that goes on everything from omelets to pizzas and soups. The Slopper, a burger smothered in green chili and topped with a variety of ingredients, is a testament to this. There is one place to go for this spicy, meaty treat – the Sunset Inn Bar & Grill.

The Sunset Inn’s Slopper is a 3/4-pound cheeseburger bathed in their signature hot green chili sauce and topped with melted cheese, crackers, tortillas, and onions.

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